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  • Xiegu x6100 Firmware Update 1.1.6

    Xiegu x6100 Firmware Update 1.1.6

    It’s been a while since an update was last provided for this transceiver, but this looks to have quite a few enhancements and fixes provided so that is probably why. From the release notes: I have just downloaded and haven’t applied it yet, but will circle back if anything seems significantly improved. You can download…

  • Xiegu x6100 – 20220418 Firmware Update

    Xiegu x6100 – 20220418 Firmware Update

    The folks at Xiegu have released a new firmware update for the x6100 HF transceiver. From the changelog: You can pick up the files at https://www.radioddity.com/pages/xiegu-download Please do note that upgrades are a two-step process – upgrade of the system software and upgrade of the baseband. The second step will fail if you are not…