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  • (tr)uSDX Kit Arrived – The Unboxing

    (tr)uSDX Kit Arrived – The Unboxing

    As mentioned before in my initial impressions of the preassembled (tr)uSDX from China, I also ordered the kit version as well so that I could compare the two experiences. Here is a short video of the unboxing, with more videos to come for the actual assembly.

  • (tr)uSDX – (im)Patiently waiting?

    (tr)uSDX – (im)Patiently waiting?

    They say “patience is a virtue”. Waiting for SpeedPak packages from China is something that builds virtue. SpeedPak. lol For everyone’s reference, I’ve ordered a (tr)uSDX kit from a Chinese distributor, one of the few that are authorized by DL2MAN and team per their forum post at https://forum.dl2man.de/viewtopic.php?t=139 You can read more about the project…