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  • CWOps Intermediate Class – Day 1

    CWOps Intermediate Class – Day 1

    Today is day 1 of the CWOps Intermediate Class. New advisor, new classmates. I’m currently comfortable at a sustained 12-13wpm, or that spacing with a Farnsworth at 20+. I’m hoping to bring my sustained to 20wpm by the end of this course. I’ll keep you posted…. 🙂

  • CWOps Basic Course – Final Review

    CWOps Basic Course – Final Review

    I’ve been done with the CWOps Basic Course now for a couple of weeks and felt that it was time to post my thoughts on being a participant of the program and what I got out of it. They offer multiple courses for different skill levels. Beginner (Introduction to CW and learning the characters) Basic…

  • cwops basic – update

    cwops basic – update

    I’m a few weeks into the CWOps Basic Course and, with some experience and time under my belt, felt it was time to post an update on how things are going. First off, the course is not a traditional type of class. Students are expected (and rightly so I believe) to drive their own progress…

  • cwops – starting with the basics

    cwops – starting with the basics

    This week I started the Basics Course from CWOps. For anyone not familiar with them, they are a group that is dedicated to growing the knowledge of, and therefore use of CW. For the course, we have an advisor and several of us learners who meet twice weekly and review our progress against their curriculum.…