calling frequencies

A handy reference for finding calling frequencies based on operating mode and other factors. This is heavily based on the ARRL Considerate Operator’s Frequency Guide, but broken down into groupings that help me the most.

Note that the below is no substitute for validating that your operating frequency is within the current FCC allowed ranges for your specific privileges.

Blue text are QRP frequencies. Overall ranges are for Extra Class operators, with General Class privileges in red.


160 M1.800-2.000Overall CW Range
1.810QRP Calling Frequency
80M3.500-3.600Overall CW Range
3.525-3.600General Class CW Range
3.500-3.510CW DX Window
3.560QRP Calling Frequency
40M7.000-7.125Overall CW Range
7.025-7.125General Class CW Range
7.030QRP Calling Frequency
30M10.100-10.150Overall CW Range
10.106QRP Calling Frequency
20M14.000-14.150Overall CW Range
14.025-14.150General Class CW Range
14.060QRP Calling Frequency
17M18.068-18.110Overall CW Range
18.096QRP Calling Frequency
15M21.000-21.200Overall CW Range
21.025-21.200General Class CW Range
21.060QRP Calling Frequency
12M24.890-24.930Overall CW Range
24.906QRP Calling Frequency
10M28.000-28.300Overall CW Range
28.060QRP Calling Frequency
Note that CW Operation is permitted throughout all amateur radio bands – ranges above are based on commonly agreed upon band plans

Phone (HF)

160M1.800-2.000Overall Phone Range
1.910SSB QRP Calling Frequency
80M3.600-4.000Overall Phone Range
3.800-4.000General Class Phone Range
3.885AM Calling Frequency
3.985SSB QRP Calling Frequency
40M7.125-7.300Overall Phone Range
7.175-7.300General Class Phone Range
7.285SSB QRP Calling Frequency
7.290AM Calling Frequency
20M14.150-14.350Overall Phone Range
14.225-14.350General Class Phone Range
14.285SSB QRP Calling Frequency
14.286AM Calling Frequency
17M18.110-18.168Overall Phone Range
15M21.200-21.450Overall Phone Range
21.275-21.450General Class Phone Range
21.385SSB QRP Calling Frequency
12M24.930-24.990Overall Phone Range
10M28.300-29.700Overall Phone Range
28.385SSB QRP Calling Frequency