Various topics for my (and hopefully your) reference.

Band Conditions

This article is a great intro to understanding solar indices and how it impacts propagation

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RST Report Examples

RST Number Meaning
119 Signal is barely readable
229 Very, very weak signal
339 Very weak signal
439 Weak signal
449 Ok signal
549 Fair to good signal
559 Good signal
569 Better than average signal
579 Strong signal – signal is strong, readable
589 Very strong signal – minor issues but very readable
599 Very strong signal – perfectly readable

CW Stuff

Commonly Used Q-Codes

QRL – Frequency is in use / Is this frequency in use?

QRM – Interference

QRO – Increase power output

QRP – Lower power output / an operating mode where contacts are made using the lowest possible wattage (under 5 watts)

QRPp – Less than 1 watt output

QRQ – Send faster

QRS – Send slower

QRT – Stop sending

QRZ – Station _____ is calling / Who is calling me?

QSB – Signals are fading

QSY – Change to another frequency _______

QTH – My location is _______