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Xiegu G106 In The House

Or my house at least. I quickly jumped on the first available orders for the new transceiver from Xiegu as sold through Radioddity, the Xiegu G106 HF Transceiver. Stats First off, the stats from the manual: Receive Range 0.55-30 MHz, 88.0-108.0 MHz (FM Broadcast) Transmit Range 3.5-4.0 MHz7.0-7.2 MHz10.1-10.5 MHz14.0-14.35 MHz18.068-18.168 MHz21.0-21.45 MHZ24.89-24.99 MHz28.0-29.7 MHz […]

Lab599 CW-500 Iambic Paddle

Looks like the folks at Lab599 are producing a paddle that fits their TX-500 radio, similar to the keys available from Elecraft for their KX2/KX3 radios. While not available yet, the details are available in a PDF file here (link). Here is their mockup image from the PDF: Curious about everyone’s thoughts here. I personally […]

Lab599 TX-500 Firmware 1.14.05

Another firmware drop from the folks at Lab599 for their excellent portable transceiver the TX-500. From the changelog: It’s great to see a company continuing to improve features in their products. Looking to get this loaded up later today and take it for a test drive.

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