POTA/SOTA Portable Pico Paddle Procession

Alliteration aside, with my recent review of N6ARA’s TinyPaddle I noticed that I’ve started a collection of small, portable paddles. I thought it might be useful to do a quick comparison post for everyone’s reference.

Each brings something to the table that the others don’t, while sharing many similarities beyond just portability.

I’ll focus on physical characteristics only – how a paddle feels to a user is subjective, I really like each of these for different reasons, and as such your particular tastes may or may not align to mine.

The Paddles

(left to right) N6ARA TinyPaddle, N0SA SOTA Paddle, American Morse Ultra Porta Paddle, and the CW Morse Lightweight Double Paddle. Note that each square grid is 1″ x 1″ (25.4mm x 25.4mm).

I have purchased each of these for portable use and keep 2 of them in my bag each time I pack things up to leave the house. They are all small and light enough that having a backup means that I don’t have to stop playing radio if something breaks (and to date none have – I’m just paranoid).

NOTE: I am using my cheap set of calipers and a kitchen scale, and as such all measurements are close enough but perhaps not precise.

You get what you get…..

N6ARA TinyPaddle

You can read my review of this paddle here.

This thing is TINY!


  • Weight = 0.3 ounces or 9 grams (without audio cable)
  • Length = 2.2 inches or 55.8 mm
  • Width = 0.6 inches or 17.7 mm
  • Height = 0.83 inches or 21 mm (with adjustment tool attached)


  • 3D Printed, PCB

Where to Buy


N0SA SOTA Paddle

Small, light, and expertly constructed


  • Weight = 1.6 ounces or 46 grams (w/attached audio cable)
  • Length = 2.09 inches or 53.1 mm
  • Width = 1.04 inches or 26.5 mm
  • Height = 0.94 inches or 23.9 mm


  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Where to Buy

There is no website. You can purchase by contacting N0SA directly.

American Morse Ultra Porta Paddle

A work of art, sturdy, small, and reliable


  • Weight = 1.9 ounces or 54 grams (w/attached audio cable)
  • Length = 3.14 inches or 79.8 mm
  • Width = 0.98 inches or 25 mm
  • Height = 0.92 inches or 23.4 mm


  • Aluminum

Where to Buy


CW Morse Lightweight Double Paddle

Lightweight, well constructed, and easy to use


  • Weight = 0.7 ounces or 21 grams (without audio cable)
  • Length = 3.87 inches or 98.6 mm
  • Width = 1.39 inches or 35.2 mm
  • Height = 1.06 inches or 27.1 mm


  • 3D Printed

Where to Buy