Xiegu x6100 Firmware Update 1.1.6

It’s been a while since an update was last provided for this transceiver, but this looks to have quite a few enhancements and fixes provided so that is probably why.

From the release notes:

V1.1.6 Release Note
Image File SHA256: 1D5D97118E34963B0BA338CD974BD456577E21475F487F0154D9537112A8A64B
APP:  V1.1.6 Nov  2 2022,13:10:22
BASE: V1.1.6 Nov  1 2022,17:37:32

1. Add CI-V instruction:
   1A 01 (C1) (C2)
   C1: band index, See IC-705 CI-V Command Table
   C2: bandstack register number(not use), See IC-705 CI-V Command Table
   X6100 send back         description
   FE FE                   # 2 byte, CI-V header
   E0 XX 1A 01 01 01       # 6 bytes, The command payload, XX is the rig's address
   00 00 80 01 00          # 5 bytes, Operating frequency setting
   03 02                   # 2 bytes, Operating mode setting
   00                      # 1 byte, Data mode setting 
   00                      # 1 byte, Duplex and Tone settings
   00                      # 1 byte, Digital squelch setting
   00 08 85                # 3 bytes, Repeater tone frequency setting
   00 08 85                # 3 bytes, Repeater tone frequency setting
   00 00 23                # 3 bytes, DTCS code setting
   00                      # 1 byte, DV Digital code squelch setting
   00 50 00                # 3 bytes, Duplex offset frequency setting
   58 36 31 30 30 20 20 20 # 8 bytes, UR (Destination) call sign setting
   20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 # 8 bytes, R1 (Access repeater) call sign setting
   20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 # 8 bytes, R2 (Gateway/Link repeater) call sign setting
   FD                      # 1 byte, CI-V tail
2. Add CI-V instruction: 
   1A 06
   See IC-705 CI-V Command Table
3. Add CI-V instruction: 
   21 00
   21 01
   21 02
   See IC-705 CI-V Command Table
4. Add CI-V instruction:
   26 (C1) (C2) (C3) (C4)
   C1: VFO index
       0:     Foreground VFO
       other: Background VFO
   C2: Operating mode
       See IC-705 CI-V Command Table
   C3: Data mode
       0:     OFF
       other: ON
   C4: Filter setting
       1:     FILTER1
       2:     FILTER2
       3:     FILTER3
       other: Invalid
   *Note: [LSB/USB mode]         with Data mode ON -> L-DIG/U-DIG
          [Other operating mode] with Data mode ON -> No effect
5. Add bluetooth SPP, virtual serial port for FLRIG, Omni-Rig or other CI-V based software
6. Fix the Fc marker bug in modem mode (there will be two markers in the audio FFT scope in some cases)
7. Optimize the fw updating process via sd card, the user data (configures, voices, channels) will not be cleared after updating
8. Some adjustments of the main window
   8.1 Add LOCAL TIME / UTC TIME widget
   8.2 Add RIT / XIT widget
   8.3 Add audio oscilloscope
   8.4 Add filter icon (shows filter group as will)
9. Add auto-level for the waterfall
10. Fix bluetooth issue (stuck in the startup screen or the bluetooth setting window)
11. Fix ntp update issue (make sure X6100 can access to the internet via built-in WiFi or USB to Ethernet dongle)
12. Show MAC address in the Bluetooth / WiFi setting windows (in the title of the window)
13. Optimize the TIME SETTING operation logic
14. Optimize the FFT SPAN (or FFT ZOOM), now it has four items: 100k,50k,25k,12.5k
15. Optimize the "Flat-Menu" operation logic, Press "MFK" to select the current item to the fast-access tag and return to the main window
    example 1: In "RADIO SETTING1" page, "TX POWER" is selected, press "MFK" then "TX POWER" is added to the fast-access tag
    example 2: In "DISPLAY SETTINGS" page, "FFT SPAM" is selected, press "MFK" then "FFT SPAM" is added to the fast-access tag
    *Note: "selected" means the item get the focus
16. Optimize AGC algorithm
    16.1 AGC time constant is more accurate
    16.2 Background noise is much lower without antenna plugged in (except FM mode)

Tips & Note:
#### Most of the CI-V instructions compatible with ICOM-705
#### Ham Radio Deluxe may not recognize the bluetooth virtual serial port
#### Serial port remap (could be critial when working with the bluetooth virtual serial port):
Why remap:
   FLRIG/WSJTDX/JTDX may fail to connect to the bluetooth virtual serial port (due to the mechanism of rfcomm itself)
Roadmap and Tools:
1) install com0com
2) Run "Setup Command Prompt" (the CLI for com0com)
   install protname=COMxxx -
   xxx is the port number, choose a unoccupied one, for example: 88
3) Close the CLI
1) Enter hub4com dir, looks like this:
2) Input the command in the MS CLI
   hub4com --route=All:All \\.\COMyyy \\.\CNCB0
   COMyyy is the bluetooth virtual serial port number, for example: COM4
   hub4com --route=All:All \\.\COM4 \\.\CNCB0
   The CLI's output should be look like the below:
   COM4 Open("\\.COM4", baud=19200, data=8, parity=no, stop=1, octs=on, odsr=off, ox=off, ix=off, idsr=off, ito=0) - OK
   CNCB0 Open("\\.CNCB0", baud=19200, data=8, parity=no, stop=1, octs=on, odsr=off, ox=off, ix=off, idsr=off, ito=0) - OK
   Route data COM4(0) --> CNCB0(1)
   Route data CNCB0(1) --> COM4(0)
   Route flow control COM4(0) --> CNCB0(1)
   Route flow control CNCB0(1) --> COM4(0)
   Started COM3(0)
   Started CNCB0(1)
1) Com port for CI-V should be the one we choose in the com0com, which in this case would be COM88

I have just downloaded and haven’t applied it yet, but will circle back if anything seems significantly improved.

You can download the latest from this link https://www.radioddity.com/pages/xiegu-download

Xiegu x6100 – 20220418 Firmware Update

The folks at Xiegu have released a new firmware update for the x6100 HF transceiver.

From the changelog:

New firmware version information is as follow after upgrade:
APP  : V1.1.5 Apr 10 2022,13:12:01
BASE : V1.1.5 Apr  9 2022,17:14:40

For all the previous fw download, visit < www.radioddity.com/x6100-firmware >

2022.04.18 Upgrade Log
Main file: sdcard.img
SHA256: C6CDE4E7546842C7693D2A20B193D18017F2C17C4F644D56A36218CD22836B41

App: V1.1.5 Apr 10 2022,13:12:01
1. Fix bug: the last character in the string of "AGC mode" is half cut off in MEMO mode
2. Fix bug: CW decoder not working 
3. Fix bug: incorrect UTC offset/Time zone
4. Change the range of built-in/handheld speaker's MIC gain:
   Old version:  range 0~36, default 10; actual gain 0~+18dB, step 0.5dB
   This version: range 0~50, default 20; actual gain -10~+15dB, step 0.5dB

Base: V1.1.5 Apr  9 2022,17:14:40
1. Fix bug: battery can't be fully charged
2. Fix bug: won't charge at power off state (occasionally)
3. Fix bug: have to switch band or press PTT once at the first time of power up, or there's no output RF power
4. Fix the problem that the built-in/handheld speaker's MIC gain is too high
5. Fixed the problem that the gain adjustment of the built-in/handheld speaker is not obvious

You can pick up the files at https://www.radioddity.com/pages/xiegu-download

Please do note that upgrades are a two-step process – upgrade of the system software and upgrade of the baseband. The second step will fail if you are not plugged into external power.