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  • Two New Xiegu Firmware Updates

    Two New Xiegu Firmware Updates

    The folks at Xiegu have provided minor updates to their popular G90 and the newer G106 transceivers. G90 Changelog And for the G106 Neither brings with it substantive capability updates, but always nice to see a company continue to update their offerings. You can pick up the updated firmware at

  • Xiegu G106 In The House

    Xiegu G106 In The House

    Or my house at least. I quickly jumped on the first available orders for the new transceiver from Xiegu as sold through Radioddity, the Xiegu G106 HF Transceiver. Stats First off, the stats from the manual: Receive Range 0.55-30 MHz, 88.0-108.0 MHz (FM Broadcast) Transmit Range 3.5-4.0 MHz7.0-7.2 MHz10.1-10.5 MHz14.0-14.35 MHz18.068-18.168 MHz21.0-21.45 MHZ24.89-24.99 MHz28.0-29.7 MHz…