Xiegu G106 In The House

Or my house at least. I quickly jumped on the first available orders for the new transceiver from Xiegu as sold through Radioddity, the Xiegu G106 HF Transceiver. Stats First off, the stats from the manual: Receive Range 0.55-30 MHz, 88.0-108.0 MHz (FM Broadcast) Transmit Range 3.5-4.0 MHz7.0-7.2 MHz10.1-10.5 MHz14.0-14.35 MHz18.068-18.168 MHz21.0-21.45 MHZ24.89-24.99 MHz28.0-29.7 MHz […]

Lab599 CW-500 Iambic Paddle

Looks like the folks at Lab599 are producing a paddle that fits their TX-500 radio, similar to the keys available from Elecraft for their KX2/KX3 radios. While not available yet, the details are available in a PDF file here (link). Here is their mockup image from the PDF: Curious about everyone’s thoughts here. I personally […]

Lab599 TX-500 Firmware 1.14.05

Another firmware drop from the folks at Lab599 for their excellent portable transceiver the TX-500. From the changelog: It’s great to see a company continuing to improve features in their products. Looking to get this loaded up later today and take it for a test drive.

Parks on the Air – Logbook Self Upload

After posting about my POTA activation just a bit ago, I went off to in order to validate a couple of callsigns based on spots and get things ready to email off for upload. Clicking through I found something I hadn’t seen before: I can just upload my ADIF files directly now? So I […]

First Time CW DX While POTA At K-2484

Its been a couple of weeks since my last POTA attempt, and about 8 months since I last went down to Frontenac State park in southeast Minnesota, so my 2 youngest sons and I joined our friend and his kids for a quick overnight campout at this beautiful park. About an hour south of my […]

POTA Failure and Nature Success

I took some time away from work and family to decompress in nature. I’ve previously written about Afton State Park (K-2466) near my QTH here in Minnesota. It is a beautiful park located on the shore of the St. Croix river which separates Minnesota and Wisconsin. The hike into the campsites is not tremendously long […]

Lab599 TX-500 Firmware v1.13.08

The folks at Lab599 have dropped a new firmware file for everyone. From the changelog (link): You can find it at UPDATE June 23, 2022 Looks like they issued a quick fix and rev’d the firmware to 1.13.09. From the changelog, there was a buffer overflow bug that was addressed for CW decoding. All […]

BaMaTech TP-111 Paddle

Yesterday I received a new paddle from BaMaTech in Germany – the TP-111 paddle (link). The TP-111 is a small, ultraportable CW twin paddle from a shop run by Markus Baseler – DL6YYM – and located in Bad Düben, Germany. There are several products in Markus’ portfolio, from morse keys to antennas. There are even […]

The Ninja of Morse and How to Support Him

Along my CW journey – which I am still trudging along on – I have benefited greatly from Kurt Zoglmann (AD0WE) and his site Morse Code Ninja (link). Kurt has produced literally weeks and weeks of audio files of various categories in speeds of 15-50wpm (*gulp* – that speed just sounds like noise to me […]


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