Who am I?

Amateur Radio

I am currently licensed as a Extra Class operator living in the US. I have been licensed for over a decade, and enjoy kit building, piling up the homemade and acquired antennas, and learning more about the hobby every week. I am more of the “average Joe” type ham – I have a grasp of some levels of technical aspects of the hobby, but have a lot to learn as I dive deeper. I enjoy challenges, and QRP operating is rewarding to me.


Located in the upper Midwest of the US (grid EN34mv), I reside in a more “POTA” type area than a “SOTA” one. As such, what is considered portable to me may not always be applicable to someone hoofing it up to the top of peaks. Still though, I like to explore what I can do with the least amount of weight and overall gear.

Support Me

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