The folks at Lab599 have dropped a new firmware file for everyone.

From the changelog (link):

v1.13.08 (2022.06.15)
- [BETA] Added CW decoder function
- Extended 10-meter band for TX with taking into account the CB range: from 26065 to 29700KHz
- Added quick mode selection by long pressing the MODE button
- Improved VFO/MEM function: fast switching by TUNE/MULTY between stored VFO values
- Added ability to assign alternative functions to RIT/XIT encoder
- Improved LOCK function in Memory mode

You can find it at

UPDATE June 23, 2022

Looks like they issued a quick fix and rev’d the firmware to 1.13.09.

From the changelog, there was a buffer overflow bug that was addressed for CW decoding. All links above are still valid to obtain the latest firmware.