The folks at Xiegu have released a new firmware update for the x6100 HF transceiver.

From the changelog:

New firmware version information is as follow after upgrade:
APP  : V1.1.5 Apr 10 2022,13:12:01
BASE : V1.1.5 Apr  9 2022,17:14:40

For all the previous fw download, visit < >

2022.04.18 Upgrade Log
Main file: sdcard.img
SHA256: C6CDE4E7546842C7693D2A20B193D18017F2C17C4F644D56A36218CD22836B41

App: V1.1.5 Apr 10 2022,13:12:01
1. Fix bug: the last character in the string of "AGC mode" is half cut off in MEMO mode
2. Fix bug: CW decoder not working 
3. Fix bug: incorrect UTC offset/Time zone
4. Change the range of built-in/handheld speaker's MIC gain:
   Old version:  range 0~36, default 10; actual gain 0~+18dB, step 0.5dB
   This version: range 0~50, default 20; actual gain -10~+15dB, step 0.5dB

Base: V1.1.5 Apr  9 2022,17:14:40
1. Fix bug: battery can't be fully charged
2. Fix bug: won't charge at power off state (occasionally)
3. Fix bug: have to switch band or press PTT once at the first time of power up, or there's no output RF power
4. Fix the problem that the built-in/handheld speaker's MIC gain is too high
5. Fixed the problem that the gain adjustment of the built-in/handheld speaker is not obvious

You can pick up the files at

Please do note that upgrades are a two-step process – upgrade of the system software and upgrade of the baseband. The second step will fail if you are not plugged into external power.