They say “patience is a virtue”.

Waiting for SpeedPak packages from China is something that builds virtue.

SpeedPak. lol

For everyone’s reference, I’ve ordered a (tr)uSDX kit from a Chinese distributor, one of the few that are authorized by DL2MAN and team per their forum post at

You can read more about the project at DL2MAN’s website

Actually I’ve ordered two – one preassembled and one that is a kit. I will 3d print the case and assemble the kit from scratch.

I went this route since sourcing components is very difficult right now – the PCBs are easy enough (you can order directly from a PCB maker or even find local folks on Ebay who have done so for group buys) – but parts like the Atmega328P-AU or 74ACT00 are hit and miss at major suppliers.

Some folks have taken to buying electronics with said parts and desoldering the components to get all the parts together.

I chose to order everything all together. Probably a bit more expensive than I could have done if parts were available, but……

But I’m just sitting here waiting. It is a long wait for things to sit in such a status as shown above. I live roughly 7 hours from Chicago (the assumed hub for such distribution centers), and today is April 6th.

It arrived at that hub on March 28th and cleared customs on the 30th.

Getting a little (im)Patient 😉

I could have driven there last weekend, picked it up, had a nice weekend getaway with my wife………

In all seriousness though, I’m excited to get my hands on this and get it on the air, and I will be sure to post a review of my experience with it afterwards.

How will it compare to other kit radios I have? MCHF? QCX-mini (CW only, but the heritage is there)?

How will it compare to commercial QRP radios like the FT-817 or the MTR-4b?

Now to be patient…..


So after posting this, I sent a quick email to their support address asking if there was any update they could provide.

Exactly one hour later they posted an updated status – in Chinese – that says the same thing the previous status said.

Today, it is out for delivery.



Update Part 2

Received it and have already had it on the air. I am putting together all my findings and will update with a new post soon.

This is a lot of radio for the price….