I spent the last week on a road trip that took me 3000+ miles (4800+ kilometers) round trip from Minnesota to Utah and back.

Upon return I found a new item in my mailbox.

N6ARA makes what has to be – at least to my knowledge – the smallest CW paddle around.

I mean, this thing is really, really small.

The N6ARA TinyPaddle-Jack next to another popular 3D printed paddle from cwmorse.us – seriously awesome paddle that is also well constructed and great for portable use

Even having seen images online, it didn’t convey how truly tiny the TinyPaddle really is. I’m almost scared to lose it.

So what is the TinyPaddle-Jack?

The TinyPaddle-Jack is a kit or preassembled backup or ultraportable iambic paddle. It is smartly designed as you will see, and superbly constructed.

The assembled paddle consists of the paddle and audio port (one piece), a 3D printed holder body (black in the images), a 3D printed holder cover (orange in the images), and an adjustment tool that clips onto the holder cover.

The holder cover allows the paddles to be protected in transit, and then by flipping the paddle around it becomes a holder extension that allows for one hand to hold the paddle in position while the other hand sends those glorious dits and dahs.

Some photos that hopefully do it justice.

Removed from the holder cover. You can see the audio jack at the top left of the paddle body.
Audio jack side of the paddle
Closeup of the working end of the paddle. Note that each side is labeled “DIT” and “DAH” so that you can quickly ensure that you’re holding it right.
I would say that I have average sized hands for an adult male, so you can see how the paddles are quite small compared to my finger and thumb.

N6ARA has an overview video you can watch here.

Coming in at a svelte 0.3 ounces or 8 grams without the audio cable, it disappears into your kit and won’t weigh you down.

N6ARA also publishes STL files so that you can print your own parts for building or replacing pieces as needed.

You can find the STL files at https://www.thingiverse.com/n6ara/designs

Shipping was quick and communication was timely and great.

You can pickup your assembled version for an extremely reasonable $24 USD, or a kit to build your own for only $15 USD.




I haven’t had this out and on the air – yet. I have spent quite a bit of time with this on my Morserino to get used to the size and make sure it is adjusted to my liking. I like to do that instead of making other operators suffer through my fist.

The size does take some getting used to. Again it is really small, and like most portable paddles requires the use of both hands to be effective. I’m not even sure you could mount this with Velcro or equivalent and still be able to keep it still. There is just too little surface area for me to be confident of any mounting solutions, though I have not tried any to date.

Having said all of that, I do like the feel of it. It is responsive, and after a couple of tries I found myself able to consistently send characters correctly at 20-22 wpm which is my current upper limit on other small paddles. Cranking things up to 25 wpm I started to hit enough errors that I wouldn’t go on the air with my skill level where it is with this paddle.

But that is more my personal failing and not the paddle.

Your mileage may vary.