Lab599 TX-500 Firmware v1.12.08

Looks like another firmware update dropped for the Lab599 Discovery TX-500 transceiver.

From their change log located here:

v1.12.08 (2022.03.01)
- Beacon mode fixes
- Fixed Iambic A/B mode
- Extended CW tone frequency range
- FM mode output power increased
- User menu optimization

You can grab the firmware file from here, and the flashing tool (available for Windows and Linux) from their downloads portal.

4 thoughts on “Lab599 TX-500 Firmware v1.12.08”

  1. I have a TX-500. I need help figuring out how to load the USB driver for the blue color USB shroud (FTDI FT232) for firmware updating.

    Windows 7 OS.



    1. Hi Greg.

      I run the firmware update from Linux, so I didn’t run into any issues with the cable being recognized (I also have the blue one, not the black one), but in my experience Windows doesn’t like it when something new is plugged into a USB port until after the driver package is installed. My default method is to first download the driver package (Lab599 as a link to a package for that chipset at and run the installer. Then I plug in the USB only AFTER I have restarted the computer. That generally has worked for me.

      One other thing to try, if you’ve done this and it still isn’t being recognized, is to open the Device Manager and, after right-clicking on the device, selecting “Update Driver” -> “Browser My Computer for Drivers” -> “Let me pick from available drivers on my computer”. I sometimes have to deselect “Show compatible hardware” in order to browse to the manufacturer of the chipset and then manually select the right driver.

      I’m not sure what more guidance to give as I don’t have the same situation, but I hope that you are able to get things working soon.

      Good luck and I hope to see you on the air sometime.



  2. Adam, you said the update and installer is available for Mac. This has been a frustrating aspect of being a TX-500 owner in that The Lab does not seem to support Mac in any way (at least that I’ve seen). How are you updating via Mac OS? I’ve emailed asking for Mac support and was told The Lab engineers don’t have access to Mac OS. Short of buyng a Windows machine, I’m at a standstill.


    1. Hi. Checking their downloads page you are indeed correct – they do not have a MacOS firmware update package today. Looking back I cannot recall how I came to that conclusion at the time of writing this. I’ll update accordingly. While I do have a Mac, I usually do updates via Linux so apologies for the error.


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