After last weekend’s failure to activate Afton State Park (K-2466), I decided to take my learnings and head back out to the park.

This time I chose to record the session so that I could go back and review. As a new CW operator, this is invaluable and I’ve done it at home with just an audio recorder to check my progress and blind spots – I highly recommend doing so.

I chose 20 meters and had 10 contacts within about 30 minutes of being setup.

Anyway, here is the video:

For reference, here is what I took with me:

  • Elecraft KX3
  • Chameleon Antenna MPAS Lite w/coax and necessary BNC adapter
  • Elecraft KXPD3 Paddle
  • Bioenno 4.5Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (overkill for what the KX3 draws)
  • Sony ICD-UX570 Audio Recorder
  • Pencil and Paper for recording QSOs
  • iPhone 12 for POTA spotting, RBN, etc.
  • Goruck GR1 for hauling everything
  • Elecraft AX1 as a backup antenna

Here is what RBN saw on 20m:

And here is a map of the QSOs I logged on 20m:

A great day in a beautiful part of my home state in all the glory of fall colors.