I recently had been looking at other quick to deploy antenna options for POTA and general camping activities. Not looking for anything ultralight (I’ve got some resonant dipoles that hit that mark), and having really been impressed with the quality of the Chameleon MPAS Lite and EMCOMM III Portable, I naturally looked at their other offerings.

I was drawn to the concept of the Delta Loop antenna, so I begun looking at the Tactical Delta Loop (TDL) that they offer. I was not, however, in a hurry to drop the cash for yet another expensive antenna system, not matter how great and high quality it is.

I want my wife to want me still….

It then dawned on me that you can assemble a TDL from the MPAS Lite if you acquire the CHA HUB Kit and another 17′ whip.

At less than half the price of the CHA TDL itself, and giving myself even more deployment options for this system when combined with the MPAS Lite, I went ahead and ordered the two add-ons which arrived yesterday.

That gives me multiple setup options; vertical, inverted-V, inverted-L, delta loop, sloper, horizontal – all from a single system that is extremely robust.

Setup was straight forward and quick. No throwing arborist lines into trees. Just attach the components to the spike in the ground and go.

Not the most ideal location – please ignore the neighbor’s patch-worked fence – actual on air testing will be done in an open field

I have not had it long enough to do any sort of actual propagation testing and on-air checks, but I did do a quick setup and SWR analysis using my Rig Expert AA-35 Zoom.

SWR is a bit high for 80m (well, not with a matchbox and not high enough that it would cause any real issues), however for 40/20/15/12 it is less than 2:1, and 10m spans between 1.8:1 to 2.21:1.

Not bad! Not bad at all. And with deployment being less that 5 minutes from unpacking to wired up to my radio, I’m excited to put it through its paces.

Look for a follow up with WSPR reports, on-air CW contacts for QRP/QRO, and more!