a case for the mountain topper

The LnR Precision Mountain Topper 4B v2 is a small, yet robust CW-only transceiver that is packed with features.

It covers 80m, 40m, 30m, and 20m with great receive audio and a host of features packed into a small space.

Despite the fact that it is very well built, I tend to baby my investments and look for ways to protect them when taking them out of the house. As such, I started searching for a case that would fit this little transceiver and maybe 1-2 other small items.

I found the Amazon Basics Hard Travel Carrying Case for 5 inch GPS to be a perfect match. It completely encloses the MTR4B v2 in a firm EVA case with just a little give. There is a mesh pocket where I put my Powerpoles to barrel plug adapter.

It measures 6.69 x 1.96 x 5 inches and is very lightweight.

I added a small 1mm sheet of closed cell foam which I place inside against the controls and screen to give just a little bit more protection.

Using a stick to keep it open for your viewing pleasure

Because I power this radio off of a 3s Lipo battery (and you can power it off of a 9v smoke alarm battery as well), I also wanted something I could carry that in which would provide protection. You do not want to accidentally puncture one of these with your radio gear, so having something that can provide protection in a lightweight manner is essential.

With that in mind, I also use the Amazon Basics External Hard Drive Portable Carrying Case. Made of the same material as the case I use for the radio itself, it gives enough room for 1-2 of these Lipo batteries placed side-by-side as well as a pocket for the XT60 to Powerpole adapters that I made.

The battery case holds more than enough power for hours of radio playtime

Combined with a resonant dipole or two and my arborist throw-line, it is a lot of capability in a very tiny (and now well-protected) package.





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